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Your college admissions copilot, empowering you with AI tools and personalized advice to craft standout essays and applications. With SmartMatch for finding your perfect college and personalized reference essays based on thousands of successful submissions, we make your journey to university seamless and successful. Experience innovation and precision with GoodGoblin, and make your college dreams a reality.

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The undergraduate college admissions journey is deeply personal. At GoodGoblin, we understand the significance of your individual narrative. Think of us as your expert copilot, trained by seasoned and highly successful college admissions experts, to guide and refine your story. We never write for you.

Smart College Matches:

Find your perfect fit from over 1,000 colleges with tailored recommendations. Our platform has deep knowledge of what colleges are looking for, and we match them to you.

Holistic Application Review:

Benefit from comprehensive reviews of your entire application, not just your essays. We grade the application and tell you your chances of admittance.

Ace Your Essays:

Improve your acceptance rate by 31% by utilizing custom reference essays, leveraging our library of over 100,000 successful essays.

Tailored Guidance:

Receive bespoke advice based on your unique profile and goals. Never settle for generic.

Unlimited Application Support:

Access unlimited, on-demand guidance for your application. Our platform, empowers you with the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your college admissions journey.

Authentic Voice:

We understand the importance of maintaining your individuality while meeting application standards. In today's age of AI, our Integrity Check ensures that your essay remains genuine.

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Select Student Testimonials

Jessica Lin

High School Senior (California)

“The convenience of having a single platform to consolidate colleges, essays, and personal stories - revolutionized my application experience.”

Liam Sanchez

High School Senior (Texas)

“GoodGoblin provided me with tools that were tailored just for me. Like having a personal guide without the price tag, bridging the gap between my Texan roots and my college dreams.”

Robert Yang

High School Counselor (California)

“I urge every high schooler entering their senior year to leverage GoodGoblin's free resources. The advantages are truly game-changing.”

Aria Mitchell

High School Senior (New York)

“Living in New York, you're constantly surrounded by innovation and competition. GoodGoblin stood out with its AI-driven tools, I could carve my unique narrative amidst the city's million stories.”

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