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Your ultimate undergraduate admissions ally. From refining essays to crafting new ones, our platform offers comprehensive support. GoodGoblin never writes for you. Seamlessly manage your college applications, ensuring your narratives are compelling and authentic. With built-in integrity checks, we ensure originality in every submission. GoodGoblin offers the ideal approach to navigating your university admissions.

Your Story Elevated: Collaborate with Your Admission Copilot!

The undergraduate college admissions journey is deeply personal. At GoodGoblin, we understand the significance of your individual narrative. Think of us as your expert copilot, trained by seasoned and highly successful college admissions experts, to guide and refine your story. We never write for you.

Bring your essays to our platform. Whether mere drafts or near-final pieces, our platform, developed with invaluable insights from admissions counselors, offers actionable feedback. We aim to help you evolve your essays into exceptional ones tailored to each college with a copilot that amplifies your efforts, not supplants them. With this approach, there is no risk of colleges flagging your essay for AI assistance because the story, its heart and soul, is undeniably yours.

Expert Essay Counseling

Get immediate feedback and recommendations on your essays. We employ a multi-dimensional scoring system evaluating categories like Clarity, Storytelling, Conciseness, Grammar, Prompt Relevance, and Structure. Students get up to five recommendations per category and can endlessly refine their essays based on feedback until they are satisfied.

Your Essay, Elevated

Bring your essays, and GoodGoblin becomes your expert copilot. Whether it's providing counseling or elevating your narrative, together we deliver standout essays that resonate with admissions committees, always reflecting your unique journey.

Amplify Your Genuine Self

Colleges seek authenticity. GoodGoblin amplifies your experiences and aspirations, ensuring that your genuine self shines through. With our copilot, present your true essence confidently and distinctively.

10x Faster, 10x Better

The college application season is a race against time. With GoodGoblin, you can finalize remarkable essays swiftly, enabling you to apply to more colleges within your tight schedule. Discover the unparalleled efficiency and quality of GoodGoblin.

All-in-One College Dashboard

Navigate your college applications with your copilot. Our all-inclusive dashboard showcases every college and their essay prompts. Enjoy a transformative, streamlined, and free college application experience with GoodGoblin.

Preserve Your Authentic Voice

At GoodGoblin, while our AI assists in enhancing essays, it's always in reverence to your original voice and writing style. Our Integrity Check ensures that your essay remains genuine and top-tier in quality.

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Select Student Testimonials

Jessica Lin

High School Senior (California)

“The convenience of having a single platform to consolidate colleges, essays, and personal stories - revolutionized my application experience.”

Liam Sanchez

High School Senior (Texas)

“GoodGoblin provided me with tools that were tailored just for me. Like having a personal guide without the price tag, bridging the gap between my Texan roots and my college dreams.”

Robert Yang

High School Counselor (California)

“I urge every high schooler entering their senior year to leverage GoodGoblin's free resources. The advantages are truly game-changing.”

Aria Mitchell

High School Senior (New York)

“Living in New York, you're constantly surrounded by innovation and competition. GoodGoblin stood out with its AI-driven tools, I could carve my unique narrative amidst the city's million stories.”

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