Elevate100 Scholarships

Empowering Educators, Inspiring Students

Welcome to the Elevate100 Scholarships initiative, a unique opportunity where dedication meets opportunity. GoodGoblin is committed to democratizing the college application process, and with the Elevate100 Scholarships, we aim to extend our cutting-edge platform to underprivileged and talented students through the guidance of their dedicated educators.

Every High School deserves an Elevate100 scholarship - No Limits!

ELEVATE100 - Eligibility

This exclusive grant is designed for High School Counselors and Teachers committed to making a difference.

If you’re an educator striving to uplift the aspirations of underprivileged and low-income students, Elevate100 Scholarships offers you a chance to provide them with premium access to GoodGoblin's comprehensive college application toolkit.

Apply if you're a:
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School Counselor

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School District Official

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Admissions Consultant

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High School Teacher

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Not-for-Profit Organizations

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Community Organizers

How it Works

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Apply for the Grant:

Fill out a simple application form to express your interest. We are looking for educators who share our vision of inclusive and accessible education.

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Receive Your Promo Code:

Qualified applicants will receive a unique promo code, that offers access to our platform at NO cost, to distribute among deserving students.

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Distribute Wisely:

We trust your judgment in selecting students who will benefit most from our platform. Distribute the promo codes to students you confirm as underprivileged, ensuring they get the support they deserve.

The Premier Platform for College Applications

Let's empower, elevate, and transform together with GoodGoblin's Elevate100 Scholarships.

Making an Impact Together

By joining hands with GoodGoblin, you are not just providing educational resources; you're opening doors and nurturing dreams. The Elevate100 Scholarships stand as a testament to your commitment and our shared goal – to ensure that every student gets the chance to showcase their unique story and academic potential.

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Ready to Make a Difference?

Take the first step towards transforming the college application journey for your students. Apply for the Elevate100 Scholarships today and be the change they need. Your dedication and our technology can together create narratives of success and achievement.

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