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Ashish B.

February 22, 2024


Crafting an Impressive Essay: Tips, Tricks, and Samples for High School Students and Parents

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In the competitive world of college admissions, mastering the art of essay writing and utilizing essay feedback effectively is essential for high school students aiming for success. With the guidance of admission consultants and insights into effective college counseling, this blog offers valuable strategies for students, parents, and guardians to navigate the essay writing and essay review process together.


The essence of a compelling essay and effective essay feedback lies in its ability to captivate the reader and admissions officers from the beginning. Here, we'll explore actionable strategies for elevating your essays, covering:

  • Engaging hook sentences
  • Clear thesis statements
  • Structured essay flow
  • Sample essays and essay feedback analysis
  • Writing with authenticity in college applications

Let’s dive in and learn how to make your following application essay stand out with the correct essay feedback!

Kickstarting Your Essay: Best Ways to Start and Impress

1. The Power of a Strong Opening

A captivating hook can significantly enhance your essay's impact on college applications. You should begin with an intriguing fact, compelling quote, or personal anecdote to draw readers in and refine with targeted essay feedback.

2. Thesis Statement

A robust thesis statement is crucial for college admissions. It should clearly articulate your essay's main argument, providing a solid foundation for your narrative and receiving focused essay feedback.

3. Setting Expectations

Please introduce your essay's structure early to guide the reader through your arguments seamlessly, enhancing your chances in college applications with straightforward, coherent content that benefits from precise essay feedback.

From Introduction to Conclusion: How Many Paragraphs Make a Stellar Essay?

1. The Standard Five-Paragraph Essay

This classic structure is a reliable starting point for most essays, especially in college applications, offering a clear framework for presenting your ideas and receiving structured essay feedback.

2. When to Deviate

Flexibility in structure is critical for more complex topics or narrative essays, especially when aiming for college admission, where a more nuanced approach can be more effective and benefit from detailed essay feedback.

3. Importance of Structure

Maintaining a logical flow and consistent reference to your thesis throughout the essay is essential for coherence and impact, especially in college applications, and should be a focus area for any essay feedback.

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Sample Essays: Analyzing What Makes Them Stand Out

Let’s examine two sample essays to see stellar techniques in action and how they can be enhanced with essay feedback:

1. Example 1: A Persuasive Essay

“Letting high school students sleep in would boost their mental health, attendance, and academic achievement. According to a 2021 study, later school start times increased test scores by 33% in participating districts.”

This example demonstrates an engaging fact-based hook and clear position statement, ideal for college applications and further refined through comprehensive essay feedback.

2. Example 2: A Narrative Essay

“As fireflies began their neon dance, I knelt in the dewy grass. Pressing my thumbnail into the leathery rind, I released an orange burst of sweet citrus scent into the damp night air.”

This excerpt immerses the reader in the scene using vivid sensory details, perfect for drawing in college admissions officers and benefiting from explicit essay feedback.

The Art of Writing: Crafting a Simple Yet Effective Essay

While essay types vary, straightforward writing is often the most effective.

1. Simplicity is Key

Clarity and simplicity in language enhance understanding and engagement, making your essay more accessible.

2. Use Active Voice

Active voice breathes life into your writing, making it more dynamic and compelling.

3. Be Authentic

Your unique voice and personal stories are invaluable. Authenticity resonates more deeply with readers and distinguishes your essay.


The essay writing journey is a collaborative endeavor between students and their supporters, especially in the context of college applications and admissions. Your essays can leave a lasting impression by embracing simplicity, authenticity, and strategic planning, augmented with effective essay feedback.

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