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Ashish B.

February 22, 2024


Student Profile: How Investing Time Upfront Will Transform Your College Essays Later

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Navigating the college application process can be overwhelming, with essays as a critical component to express your unique narrative. GoodGoblin introduces "Student Profile," an innovative feature that revolutionizes essay writing by blending AI precision with your personal story.

Why "Student Profile" Matters

"Student Profile" is an in-depth Q&A session to understand your academic journey, personal milestones, and aspirations. This tailored approach enables GoodGoblin to offer personalized college counseling and essay guidance, setting a new standard in admissions consulting.

The Power of Personalization

A personalized college essay can profoundly impact you like a customized email grabs your attention. GoodGoblin's AI leverages your "Student Profile" to craft narratives that genuinely resonate, highlighting your individuality in a sea of applicants.

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Detail and Accuracy: Your Path to Success

The accuracy and depth of your responses in the "Student Profile" are crucial. They allow GoodGoblin's AI to provide nuanced suggestions, aligning closely with what admission committees look for in standout essays.

The Comprehensive Approach of Optional Questions

While some questions in the "Student Profile" are optional, engaging with them enriches your AI's understanding, further customizing your essay drafts. This comprehensive input ensures compelling essays and is deeply reflective of your journey.

Continuous Engagement for Evolving Narratives

As your experiences and achievements grow, updating your "Student Profile" ensures that GoodGoblin's guidance remains as relevant and impactful as your evolving story. This dynamic interaction keeps your narratives fresh and authentic.


Investing time in GoodGoblin's "Student Profile" lays the foundation for essays that genuinely resonate with your voice and story. It's a strategic step towards distinguishing your application, offering a deep dive into who you are beyond the numbers.

GoodGoblin's hybrid approach to college admissions marries the best of AI and human creativity, ensuring your essays reflect the full spectrum of your individuality. Embrace this journey with GoodGoblin, where your unique story is our guiding star.