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February 21, 2024


Navigating Essay Prompts: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with GoodGoblin

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Embarking on the journey of college applications can be both exhilarating and daunting. On this journey, one juggles essay prompts, deadlines, and the quest for originality. At times you can find yourself in the dark, not knowing where to start or which prompt to pick. Indeed, writing college application essays can be too much pressure. We feel you. That’s why, to put your mind at ease, we are writing this guide. From the process of deciphering the essay prompt to crafting the final draft. In this comprehensive guide, we will precisely hand-hold you at each step. This guide entails the process of conducting extensive research, brainstorming ideas, and deducing insights and strategies.

The Traditional Approach

Step 1: Prompt Selection Dilemma

First, take a deep breath; go through all the prompts. Pick a prompt to write an essay that fits your experience. You will find it easier to write whatever you know.

If picking the right prompt has become finding a needle in the hay, try our “” tool. On our platform, you will find all the prompts in one place. You don’t have to go through multiple college websites to keep track of all college admission essay prompts.

After picking the most apt prompt, decode the words of the prompts in detail to build your essay around the Prompt. Look for keywords that indicate the required approach, such as "analyze," "evaluate," or "compare." Example Prompt: "Discuss the impact of technological advancements on society, considering both positive and negative aspects."

Step 2: Research and Brainstorming

After picking the topic, gather as much information as possible and read the sample essays online. They will provide a framework. Based on this, you can start framing your essay. There are two ways to do it. One is you go and dig the deepest ends of the internet and gather information. Another is you go to, and use our platforms to put all the information together. GoodGoblin offers a wealth of resources and brainstorming tools to tailor your narrative, making the research phase more efficient and the brainstorming process more fruitful.

Step 3:Crafting a Thesis Statement

Start to frame your essay. How many paragraphs will you write, How will you start, and how many twists or turns will your essay have? Prepare your start, your middle, and your end. Ensure the storyline is crisp and absorbable and that it does not look like everything has mashed into something unreadable.

Step 4: Mental Preparation

Mentally prepare yourself because you have to write 3-4 drafts before getting a final draft. You will have half the war won when you are mentally prepared for the toll this war will put on your psyche. Just know that you are new to this, and everybody else is also working the same hours to make the essays stand out from the crowd.

Step 5: Interactive layout

While starting the draft, ensure your starting paragraph hooks in the reader. Try that throughout your essay, have hooks installed, and make your essay an irresistible read.

The GoodGoblin Revolution

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Step 6: Writing style

Everybody has their own writing style. Know and acknowledge how you write. If you are a great writer, use that to up your game. But, if your writing game needs to be more meticulous, use GoodGoblin.

GoodGoblin celebrates each student's unique voice and offers suggestions that enhance rather than change their natural writing style. GoodGoblin ensures that every essay reflects its author's authentic character and aspirations.

Step 7: The end Goal is to describe your character

As you reach the end of your essay, make sure it paints a clear picture of your character.

Step 8: Editing and Revising

Feedback is essential. So, ask someone to read your drafts and ask what they think of the writer’s character. It is your character to which they want a window in via reading your essay.

Step 9: AI-Driven Drafting and Feedback

With GoodGoblin’s AI editor, you will receive granular, constructive feedback on your drafts, enabling you to improve your essays precisely. This real-time guidance significantly reduces the number of drafts needed, making the revision process a journey of focused enhancement rather than guesswork.

Step 10: Final Draft

Depending on the feedback, re-write your essay. Repeat this process until you get results in your favor.


The contrast between the traditional college essay writing approach and the innovative path offered by GoodGoblin highlights a pivotal shift. Students faced a solitary, often overwhelming process. GoodGoblin introduces a future where essay writing is a personalized, streamlined, and empowering experience. This evolution democratizes access to quality college application resources and ensures that every student can present their best self to their dream colleges confidently and authentically.