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February 29, 2024


The Ultimate Guide to Online Essay Review: Enhancing Your Application Essay

College application essays are critical to college admissions, serving as a ticket to the world’s best colleges. Given their significance, it's understandable why high school students invest considerable effort into crafting compelling narratives. Yet, satisfaction can be elusive. What to do? How do you ensure that your application essay resonates with admissions committees? There are two ways: getting your essay reviewed by people around you or using an AI essay review tool. While both methods have merit, this guide focuses on how AI tools, specifically online essay writers, can revolutionize your essay review process. AI technology, trained on extensive datasets, excels in evaluating application essays against numerous benchmarks, providing insightful suggestions that can substantially elevate your narrative.

To illustrate the potential of AI in this domain, we've compiled a list of top-tier Essay Review AI tools, spotlighting their unique features and how they can enhance your application essay. Here are the best picks from the market:

 My Essay Writer Screenshot offers a free trial catering to diverse essay writing needs, including college applications for high school students. This tool stands out for its ability to generate detailed outlines, compose sample essays, and utilize AI for insightful essay reviews, making it an invaluable asset for college admission.


  • Tailored to Your Needs: provides personalized essay feedback, offering options to adjust the essay’s theme, size, writing style, and tone, ensuring outputs that meet your requirements for an impactful application essay.
  • Ensuring Uniqueness: A robust plagiarism detection system guarantees the originality of your content, which is essential for college applications.
  • Affordability at Its Best: is a cost-effective AI essay writing option, providing invaluable support for high school students preparing for college admissions.

 Perfect Essay Writer Screenshot is an innovative AI-driven tool that streamlines the essay writing process, including the critical task of application essay review, to support high school students in their journey toward college admission.


  • AI-Powered Essay Writing: Provides high school students with AI-driven essay feedback, enhancing their application essays for college admission.
  • Customization Options: Enjoy the customization flexibility, allowing you to select the ideal topic, length, writing style, and tone for a personalized essay for common app and other college application platforms.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Ensures the authenticity of delivered papers, a critical aspect of the college admission process.

 Essay Genius Screenshot specializes in AI-generated essays, including application essays, providing high school students with a versatile tool suitable for academic, application, and personal essays.


  • AI-Generated Content: Provides high school students with AI-driven essay feedback, enhancing their application essays for college admission.
  • Flexible Customization: Supports students in personalizing their essays for common app and other college application platforms.
  • Originality Checks: Incorporates plagiarism detection to ensure the uniqueness of the generated content, crucial for college admission essays and demanded by college admissions committees.
  • Essay Feedback: Offers valuable feedback on your essays, an essential feature for refining application essays and enhancing your writing skills.

 The Good AI screenshot can be regarded as an average contender in AI-driven academic writing tools. Notably, this tool needs to improve in several aspects, including subpar design, a clumsy graphical user interface (GUI), and frequent instances of slowdowns.


  • Fast Essay Generation: Like other tools in this category, employs AI technology to generate essays across various topics, appealing to high school students and those preparing for college applications. This tool is relatively fast and easy to run, offering support for college admission essays with its rapid essay generation capabilities.
  • Limited Customization: While the tool allows for a degree of customization, enabling users to personalize essays based on their needs, the extent of this customization is limited. This feature can still aid in tailoring application essays to meet specific college admission requirements.
  • Plagiarism Detection: In line with most of its competitors, incorporates a plagiarism-checking feature to verify the originality of its essays, ensuring the authenticity required for college applications.
  • Feedback Provision: The tool provides a feature for reviewing and offering feedback on essays. However, the quality of the feedback may vary, necessitating a creative human mind for final touches on an application essay. can be regarded as an average competitor in AI-driven academic writing tools. Notably, this tool needs improvement in design, usability, and reliability, which are critical for supporting high school students through their college application process. Homepage Screenshot

GoodGoblin stands out as a highly successful AI-driven tool, providing comprehensive support for high school students writing college application essays. It levels the playing field for all college applicants by offering personalized essay reviews and feedback.


  • Comprehensive AI Technology: Uses intricate AI tech to generate authentic essays, considering all aspects required for a successful college application. Ideal for students needing detailed essay feedback for their college applications.
  • Extensive Customization: Offers endless customization options, allowing for adjustments to grammar, storylines, and structure as per your needs for college applications.
  • Plagiarism Vigilance: Ensures originality, critical for maintaining the integrity of their application essays for college admission.
  • Detailed Feedback: Provides feedback on grammar, structure, tone, and storyline, invaluable for refining college application essays.

In summary, writing multiple drafts with varying storylines is expected, but choosing the final version can be daunting, especially for high school students facing the pressures of college applications and college admission. What's needed is a tool that can provide a holistic review from start to finish. The tools mentioned above stand ready to be your steadfast allies in the essay writing journey, each offering unique benefits to enhance your application narrative and support you in presenting a compelling case to your dream college.