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Ria B.

February 26, 2024


The Power of Authenticity: Why Each College Application Should Matter to You

Navigating the college admissions process can often tempt applicants to adopt a "the more, the merrier" approach, applying to as many schools as possible. While broadening your options, it's crucial to maintain authenticity in every college application. The difference authenticity makes in college admissions is profound, underlining the importance of aligning with colleges that genuinely excite you.

The Importance of Genuine Interest

Your sincere interest in attending a college boosts your chances of admission and reflects your authenticity. College admissions officers have a keen eye for distinguishing genuine applicants from those just adding schools to their list. I want you to know that engaging with essay writing that conveys your natural enthusiasm and aligning with an admission consultant can significantly enhance the authenticity of your applications.

Demonstrated interest is a critical component in many colleges' admissions criteria. Whether visiting campuses, engaging with admissions offices, or showcasing your school knowledge, these actions should reflect a genuine desire to attend. Essay writing that mirrors your authentic interest, and personalized applications is what admissions teams look for.

Signs You're Applying for the Wrong Reasons

Identifying a genuine interest in a school versus applying out of obligation is critical. Here are signs that you might be applying to a college for the wrong reasons:

  • Lack of alignment with personal goals or interests.
  • Attraction to prestige without considering the fit.
  • Designating a school as a "safety" without a genuine intention to attend if admitted.

Maximizing Your Chances with Genuine Applications

Authentic applications that showcase a student's unique fit and passion for a college stand out. Here's how genuine interest can maximize your college admissions chances:

  • Demonstrated Interest: Actions like campus visits and engaging with the school underscore your eagerness.
  • Compelling Essays: Essays are a pivotal aspect of your application. Essay writing that reflects your genuine interest in a school is invaluable.
  • Thoughtful Research: Showing you've delved into what makes each college unique indicates sincere interest.

How GoodGoblin Can Guide Genuine Applications

GoodGoblin supports your journey toward genuine applications through the following:

  • Personalized Essays: Our platform aids in essay writing, ensuring every piece is original and reflects your unique voice.
  • Admission Consultant Services: We offer guidance to craft applications that resonate with your true self, including access to admission consultants.
  • Genuine Stories: Encouraging the sharing of genuine narratives over clichés, we help present a compelling case to admissions officers.


College applications should be about quality, not quantity. Focusing on colleges where you can genuinely see yourself thriving is crucial. You can enhance your applications with a strategic approach, essay writing tailored to each college, and the support of college counseling and admission consultant services. Let GoodGoblin guide you to colleges where you truly belong, leveraging your authentic interests and our comprehensive support.